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Staying in Hotels on Road Trips

How to pick hotels, check in and out, sanitize the room, work while on the road, and get a good nights sleep.

Picking Road Trip Hotels – Hotels are the most expensive thing on a road trip. Here’s how to get more value for your dollar.

Long Term Stays – If you need to stay longer than a couple of nights, here’s a few tips about long term stays.

Confirming Reservations – If you used a  third party booking service to make a reservation, use these tips to get the room you want.

Working on the Road Trip – If you’d like to have a productive working vacation, here are some expert tips to help you work better.

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Checking In to the Hotel – Here’s how to make the hotel check in process go quick and smooth.

Inspecting a Hotel Room – Here’s how to inspect a hotel room for cleanliness before you accept it.

Sanitizing the Hotel Room – If you want to avoid getting sick when staying in hotels, use these expert tips to sanitize the room.

Beware the Freebies – To avoid unnecessary charges on your hotel bill, be sure to read these quick tips.

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Scouting Around the Hotel – If you are new to an area, here are some expert tips on how to go exploring, without getting lost.

Hotel Camping aka Hamping – To save money on your road trip, here’s how to go hamping (hotel camping) in your hotel room.

Doing Laundry in Hotels – To avoid laundromats while on vacation, here’s how to do laundry in the hotel room.

How to Sleep Better in Hotels – To sleep just like home when on vacation, read these expert tips.

The Check Out Process – If you want to check out quickly and easily, here are some handy tips.

Coming Home from a Road Trip – When coming home after a road trip, be sure to do these things first.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.