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Image shows the product Blue Coolers 55 Ice Vault with the lid closed.

Get Yours Now!

Ice Lasts Longer. Crushes Leading Brands.

Say goodbye to the soggy disappointment you get with average coolers. You’ll be the envy of your friends, while they drink warm brew, yours will be ice cold, even one week into the trip. Your meat will stay cold and fresh, just like your fridge, so nasty pathogens won’t grow on your food.

Yes, you’ll be revelling in cool comfort thanks to your new Blue Cooler.
Take it on a road trip, camping, fishing, tailgating, or to the next family BBQ. This Blue Cooler’s superior strength and technology can handle anything you throw at it, including bears. It’s built like a fortress and comes with a 5 year warranty!

Why Blue Cooler? It’s a Super Cooler!

  • Rotomolded construction keeps ice up to 10 days
  • 55 quart capacity so it has room for everything
  • Unique rapid drain system makes clean up a snap
  • Lockable lid and lockdown straps for security
  • Hinges and grip handles that will last for years
  • Thick rugged wheels for easy rolling and transport
  • Built in bottle opener for the ultimate convenience
  • Costs a fraction of the leading brand, yet vastly superior

Yes, Blue Cooler will keep ice for over a week, even if the sun is beating down on it and it’s 100 degrees out. It will not warp, crack, rust or break. And it comes with a whopping 5 year warranty against construction defects.

The best part is, you don’t need to worry about making a purchase. Your new Blue comes with a 90 day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. So you have 3 full months to try it out.

So why pay through the nose for the leading brand name? Blue’s rotomolding technique – according to verified testimonials – keeps ice longer and costs 40-50% less. It’s literally a Yeti slayer.

If you were shopping around for a super cooler, you’re done. Click or tap here to get it direct from the Blue website, and skip any middleman markup. Order your Blue Cooler now and be the envy at every outing!

Take this page with you! Download the PDF.

Take this page with you! Download the PDF.

This photo shows a family of four with a fully loaded SUV, ready to go on a road trip.

The secret to a successful road trip vacation is the gear in your car. The better prepared and equipped you are, the better the trip will be. Here are 12 essential auto accessories for a safe and happy road trip.


Image shows contents of the portable first aid kit.

First Aid Kit for Car, Truck or RV

Cuts, stings, bug bites, and boo boos. They all happen. Are you going to let them ruin your day, or will you spring into action and grab this first aid kit from the car?

This compact portable kit is loaded with 120 pieces. It has essentials like alcohol wipes, antiseptic wipes, sting relief, and bandages of all sizes. It has hardware like tweezers, scissors, tape, and the instant ice pack for soothing a bump to the head.

Updates to this kit include a CPR mask, disposable gloves and a separate mini kit. That’s right, you actually get two first aid kits in one. The 120 piece car kit and a bonus 32 piece mini hiking kit. So don’t let a nasty scrape ruin the picnic, when you can save the day. Get this kit before your trip!


Image shows the waterproof auto trash can in use.

Waterproof Auto Trash Can with Lid

Every automobile should have one of these trash cans. First off, it is 100% leak proof, so you can toss unfinished drinks in it. It’s easy to empty and wash. It comes with adjustable straps so you can mount it on the floor, seat cushion, or seat back.

There are four side buttons to keep the garbage bags from falling in. Plus there are three mesh pockets on the front and side to hold napkins and wipes. Now you can say goodbye to messes and interior stains that devalue your car. Get yours now and keep the car clean!


Image shows the USB car charger in use.

Fast USB Car Charger with Overcharge Protection

This USB car charger is fast, so you’ll arrive at your destination fully juiced. It has two slots, so two devices can be charged at the same time. The flush fit means that it doesn’t stick out, so it’s not easily broken or snagged.

It has built-in protection against excessive current, overheating and overcharging, so you don’t have to worry about connecting expensive devices. Our road trip family has charged smartphones and tablets for over a year now without any issues. Get one if you want to arrive fully juiced.


Image shows the contents of a roadside emergency kit.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Be prepared! A roadside emergency kit could save a life. At the bare minimum, every auto should have a window hammer and seat belt cutter.

That’s a good start, but look what else you get in this kit, they thought of everything. There’s a tow strap, flashlight, duct tape, safety vest, emergency blanket, rain poncho, tire gauge, gloves and more. You get all this, yet it’s compact, all in one, ready to stash in your trunk.

The tools aren’t flimsy filler like most kits. They are durable quality products that won’t easily break. You can be confident these tools will be there for you in an emergency. Get it before the trip and be prepared!

The same company also makes magnetic LED road flares. The magnets let you stick these bright blinking lights to the side of your car, so emergency crews can identify your auto out of the crowd and find you faster.


Image shows outdoor picnic blanket in use.

Outdoor Picnic Blanket for the Car

No picnic table or lawn chairs? No problem! With this picnic blanket in the trunk, you’ll always have a comfy place to sit. This blanket is better than the foam filled ones, because it folds up neatly into a tiny tote with a shoulder strap, for easy portability. You can tuck it almost anywhere.

The top is a polyester fleece and the back is water resistant, so it can be used on moist beaches and wet grass. There’s a rare security feature in a zippered pocket, so you can keep keys and phones out of sight.

And talk about quality, this blanket is built to last, because they back it with a lifetime warranty. So don’t sit on wet grass and stain your clothes, get this comfy blanket instead.


Image shows rechargeable USB fan light in use.

Rechargeable Cooling Fan with LED Light

Ok, so it’s not purely a car accessory, but you’ll be glad to have it. Just put it behind the back seat and let its powerful fan circulate your car’s air conditioning. Then when you get to the picnic area or campsite, it can atomize mosquito repellent, or aromatherapy oil if that’s your thing.

When it gets dark, it’s an LED lamp with three brightness settings. The wireless fan and light are rechargeable, so it’s portable. It can be charged over USB with a computer, power bank, or car charger.

You can hang it, or stand it up. It’s handy in the garage and at home. Plus it makes a great gift for any “car fan.” Get one if you want to be cool.


Image shows the functions of the pocket size multitool.

Pocket Sized Multitool

Forget lugging out the toolbox. With this multitool you won’t need to. The Leatherman Sidekick is so versatile, you’ll want one in the car, one in the backpack, and one for work. It has 14 tools in one, including knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, bottle and can openers, a file, saw and ruler.

It’s compact and light, making it easy to carry. The blades can be opened with one hand. It comes with a 25 year guarantee so you know it will last a lifetime. And it’s proudly made in the USA. When we got this it had 1,591 reviews giving it 4.7 out of 5 stars. Put it in your pocket and you’ll use it every day.


Image shows the tire puncture sealant product.

Tire Puncture Sealant

There’s an invisible nail lying on the road ahead. Which car will it get? If it’s you, don’t worry. This sealant has you covered. Yes, you could wait for the auto club to come rescue you. You could jack up your car on the busy highway and put on the spare. If you have one!

Most sealants fill your tire with goop and need you to carry an air compressor. That’s ok, but then the service station needs to make another hole in your tire to drain the goop out.

This product, fixes the flat instantly and it inflates the tire. You can make it to the next service station with ease. Why a three pack? In case you have a big tire. It may take more than one can to inflate it. So don’t let a flat set you back, seal it and relax.


Image shows content of the home windshield repair kit.

Windshield Repair Kit

You’re whipping down the highway and suddenly, pow! The windshield got beaned by a rock. Now it’s chipped and you have to fix it soon, before the whole windshield cracks in half. So you could make an appointment and wait in line at a glass shop, or you can fix yourself using the same resin technique that they use.

Other repair kits need you to park your car in the sun for the resin to harden. This one comes with a UV curing light, so you can repair your windshield at home, on a cloudy day, in a garage, or a parkade.

The kit is easy to use with clear instructions for each step. It fixes all crack and chip types just like a professional. So buy one for the trunk and say no to cracks.


Image shows the windshield sun shade in use.

Car Windshield Sun Shade UV Blocker

Summer sunshine is great, but not when it heats your car to 140 degrees! Open the door and it’s like a blast furnace to the face. Then everyone’s yelling and screaming the seats are too hot and they can’t sit down. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you own this inexpensive shade, your car will stay cool.

Produced by a small USA company, this UV shade comes in a variety of sizes to fit any size auto. It pops open and folds away, so it’s easy to use and store. It’s extremely light weight, but strong and durable. It covers the entire windshield, protecting your electronics, interior and dash from sun damage and fading. All you need to do is get one.


Image shows the memory foam cushion product and box.

High Density Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Sore and stiff from sitting all day? This patented socket seat with memory foam relieves pressure off every bone. You won’t grunt and groan getting out of the car anymore. The innovative design has two holes to take painful pressure off the sit bones.

The tailbone cut out offers instant relief from pain and discomfort. The high density memory foam and mesh surface provide excellent relaxation.
If you have any back pain at all, or if you are planning any long drives, this cushion will keep you pain free and comfortable all day. But you might want to two of them. One for the car and another for work. Get it today for a pain free tomorrow!


Image shows lithium battery jump starter in use.

Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter

Ok, so you made it back to the car after the day hike and it’s getting dark. But you left the car interior lights on. Your four year old battery is dead. No what? Phone the auto association and wait for hours because you’re in the middle of nowhere?

If you have a jump starter like this, you don’t have a problem. Hook this baby up and your dead battery will spring to life. You’ll be on your way in two minutes.
If that’s not a big enough reason, this unit is also a battery bank that can charge phones and tablets. It also has a powerful LED flashlight.

So if you own an auto, this thing needs to be in your trunk. Plus, you can be a hero by jumpstarting someone else! Perhaps a future soulmate. Get yours now and be that hero!

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This photo shows two children sitting on the tailgate of a fully packed SUV, looking at a map, planning the route for a road trip vacation.

Get the children involved and responsible. (123RF Photo)

If you want happy children on a road trip, here are some simple yet effective tips.

My daughter, now six, has been going on road trips since she was two. Most of my road tripping friends have children as well. They range from infants to teens.

One thing we all agree on, is that children are quick to get bored. It’s the main reason why families avoid road trips. Mom and Dad can’t take the “Are we there yet?” chorus coming from the back seat.

Not to worry parents. Pack those kids in the car, because things have come a long way since you were young.

Thanks to electronic devices like smartphones and tablets, kids will enjoy the drive. In fact, they might get so into their tablet, that you’ll need to pry them out of the car, to glance at the Grand Canyon.

Rechargeable power packs can charge mobile devices when no AC power is available. Car chargers charge mobile devices while driving. Bring both so the children never run out of juice. If they get bored of the electronics, pull out the analog stuff. Things like comics, coloring books, crayons, travel board games and the like.

If the children get tired, get out the throw blankets and car pillows so they can nap. If they get restless, pull out the snacks and let them munch while you drive.

Better yet, stop at the next rest area. Get out and play catch for a while to stretch the legs. Go exploring around, looking for interesting plants, bugs and animals. You never know what you’ll find, from giant fire ants, to a once in a lifetime cicada hatch.

It helps to get the whole family involved in the travel process. Tell the children that they are responsible for their own backpack. They get to choose what to put in it. Let them choose their own toys, snacks, hat, wipes and everything they might need. (Be sure to double check it, in case they forgot anything.)

You can also let children research the destination and the route. They’ll feel valued and involved, if you let them pick some activities along the way and at the destination.

If someone decides they want to go swimming, pull over and go for a dip. You parents can relax, while the kids go burn off some energy.

Once you arrive at the hotel, the children can help sterilize certain items in the room. Give one the job of wiping down the TV remote, table tops and light switches. Give another the job of wiping down the computer, keyboard, and door knobs.

If you’re planning to stay more than one night, get the kids to pick some local attractions. Let them search the internet and the GPS to see what’s around. Some favorites include zoos, museums, gardens, theme parks, water parks, and shopping malls.

At the end of the day, everyone can have their own entertainment. One can be watching TV, the other using a computer, while mom and dad read, or plan the next few days.

Besides the internet, get your kids a streaming video subscription. Use the hotel’s free wifi to watch streaming video services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV. They follow you around, no matter where you travel. This lets some of the family watch the TV in the room, while others watch what they want on their mobile devices.

So get the kids involved. Ask what they want to see and do on the road trip. Let them pack their own backpacks with personal favorites. Give them a little independence. Give each child their own wifi tablet. Then after all the family activities, everyone can do what they want, which makes for a happy road trip.

This photo shows a young woman waking from sleep, well rested, in a wonderful mood with a yes attitude.

Wake in a wonderful mood with a yes attitude. (123RF Photo)

If you have trouble sleeping in new places, try these simple yet effective tips.

The first thing to do is activate the force field. I’m kidding, but it’s the next best thing to having one. It’s the DND, or Do Not Disturb sign. It should be hanging on the inside doorknob of the hotel room.

Hang it on the doorknob outside your room. Be sure the side that says, ”Privacy Please” or DND is facing outwards. The other side says, “Service Please” which means that you want something from housekeeping.

Hanging out the DND sign should prevent housekeeping from coming into your room. It doesn’t matter if you are in the room, or not. It also prevents them from using tricks, like banging your door with the vacuum cleaner at 7:30 am on checkout day. They want to wake you up and out of the room, so they can clean it.

If you don’t have a DND sign on your door, go to the front desk and ask for one. If they don’t have any, ask them to get one from an unoccupied room. If all else fails, grab a pen and make one, if you didn’t happen to pack one.

Close the light blocking drape located behind the shear curtain. This will keep the room dark, if you’re not up early and traveling the next day. To make it even darker, consider a sleeping mask, to cover your eyes as morning approaches.

Unplug the alarm clock, or be sure it is turned off. You don’t need it going off at 6:00 am, or whatever the last guest had it set for. Do the same with the hotel phone if you’re not expecting any calls.

For security and peace of mind, close the deadbolt and chain lock if the hotel door has them. Some rooms have neither. So I always pack a rubber door wedge. These measures prevent housekeeping from opening the door while you are in the room. 

Some people like to bring their own pillow, or favorite blanket from home. If it helps you relax and you have room to pack it, why not? They will help you sleep better.

Always ask for a room on the top floor. A room that’s away from the elevator and traffic noise. If your room is noisy, or you want familiar sounds, try using a portable sleeping machine.

For example, our home is in a central location. That means plenty of noise coming from the mall and subway system a few blocks away. There’s also car alarms, garbage and delivery trucks, and all sorts of random sounds.

So, to drown out all the outside noise, we use a sleeping machine set on the fan mode. It generates a constant noise to mask everything. It’s lightweight and portable, running on AC power or USB. We get a comfortable sleep, because of the familiar sounds. It makes any hotel room we stay in seem like home.

An alternative to the sleeping machine would be an app and a portable bluetooth speaker. Make sure it can charge your phone while it’s making the fan sound, or the phone’s battery will be empty by morning. 

So if you want to sleep well in a strange place, keep the room cool and dark. Bring familiar items from home. That includes a sleeping machine, favorite pillow and blanket. They’ll make you feel more at home and relaxed. You’ll wake in a wonderful mood with a yes attitude.

This photo is a close up of a service station attendant about to pump fuel into a car gas tank.

Simple yet effective tips to save on fuel. (123RF Photo)

If you want to stop losing money on gas, then here are some tips that could save you 37% or more on the next road trip.

There are two main ways to save fuel. Either increase the efficiency of the vehicle, or reduce weight. The best economy is when you do both at the same time.

Avoid putting anything on top of your car. Things like luggage racks increase drag, reducing fuel economy by up to 20%. It’s also a target for theft, so you have to park in well lit areas and keep an eye on your car.

Remember to pack light. For every 100 pounds of weight you add to the car, you reduce fuel efficiency by 2%.

Use the computers in your car to save money. Put the automatic transmission in the Drive setting and let the car decide when to shift gears. Let your car run the gas pedal, by using the cruise control on long stretches of highway. These two things can increase your fuel economy up to 15%.

Slow down to 60 MPH (100 KPH) on the highway if you can. Fuel consumption increases like crazy the faster you go. Yes, going 70 MPH might get you there 30 minutes earlier, but the car will have burned 20% more fuel.

Buy the gasoline that your car needs. If the manual says to buy regular unleaded, you won’t get a gas milage boost from premium fuel. In fact, it may damage your engine by gumming it up and create pollution by not burning it completely.

Usually it’s pay at the pump with a credit card when filling up. In the state of Oregon, they have to pump the gas for you. So do the gas stations in Richmond, BC, Canada.

If you’re paying a gas station attendant with cash, it’s a simple matter. But if you’re paying by credit card, keep an eye on your card. If they have to go inside to process it, go with them.

Never let your credit card leave your sight. Not in gas stations, retail stores, or even restaurants if you can avoid it. You don’t want to have it skimmed, or double swiped and have your number sold to some crooks.

When driving through California, bring cash if you live outside the USA. Their gas pumps need a zip code that matches your credit card address, or you can’t fill up.

You cannot enter Canadian postal codes, because the keypad only has numbers on it, not letters. So when road tripping, it’s a good idea to have at least $200 cash in your pocket at all times.

USA charges for gas by the gallon, but they’re not standard imperial gallons. They are 128 ounces, not 160 ounces like the old British and Canadian gallons.

Canada charges for gas by the litre. (Spelled liter in the USA). For those of you keeping score, there are 4.5 litres to the British gallon and 3.8 litres to the American gallon.

Always and I can’t stress this enough… ALWAYS, pay attention to signs that say, “Last Chance Gas” or “Next Town 120 Miles.” You better stop in and top up. There’s nothing scarier than having a car packed with gear and family, running on empty.

You’ll see these “last chance gas” signs pop up before crossing deserts and mountain ranges. So even if you still have half a tank, stop in and top up, so you can drive with confidence.

So to save on gas, increase the vehicle’s efficiency and reduce weight. That means pack light, reduce wind resistance, use cruise control, buy the right fuel and slow down a bit. If you do all that, you’ll save a lot of money on your next road trip vacation.