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Road Trip Prep – Returning Home

Here is our official “Returning Home” prep list for road trips and vacations. Use it for extended hotel stays, holiday getaways and travel away from home. Want a printable list? Download the free “How to Prepare for a Road Trip Vacation” and get all the to do lists in printer friendly PDF format.

  • Unpack bags in the garage, hallway, or mudroom.
  • Leave bags outside main living area for quarantine.
  • Sort travel clothes into piles and wash immediately.
  • Water all plants if no house sitter came.
  • Pick up the pet from the kennel.
  • Pick up mail from post box.
  • Cancel the temporary mail redirect
  • Go shopping for groceries and stock the fridge.
  • Wash the water jug and start a new filter.
  • Phone the neighbors to tell them you’re back.
  • Call the house sitter and set a date to return key.
  • Phone the emergency contact to thank them.
  • Call the office to let them know you’ve returned.
  • Phone the daycare, school, club, kids, parents, etc.
  • Turn the hot water heater back on.
  • Put the air conditioning back to normal operation.
  • Turn on the water mains, or laundry taps.
  • Turn on the gas and light the pilot lights.
  • Turn off the automatic light timers.
  • Switch on the breaker to the outside AC plugs.
  • Turn on the appliances, set clocks, PVR, etc.
  • Program new entry codes into home security system.
  • Wash all clothing used on the trip before putting away.
  • Wash all dishes and utensils before putting them away.
  • Wash the cooler interiors with mild bleach solution.
  • Vacuum out the luggage exteriors and pockets.
  • Cancel the yard maintenance and mail pickup.
  • Cancel the elderly care giver, or live-in assistant.
  • Restart utilities that were placed on hold.
  • Restart the newspaper and grocery deliveries.
  • Start watering the lawn and yard if they need it.
  • Check the yard and home for any signs of damage.
  • Login to online banking and check balances.
  • Verify all credit card charges with online banking.
  • Stop auto payment of bills, if you really want to.
  • Do any outstanding bills and tax matters.
  • Vacuum out the car and empty any trash.
  • Wash the car and front grill free of bug juice.
  • Make list to restock emergency and first aid kits.
  • Transfer any remaining photos or video to computer.
  • Organize digital photos of the trip into albums.
  • Back up computer to a backup or USB drive.
  • Buy a gift, or take house sitter out for lunch.
  • Get the spare house keys from the house sitter.
  • Go back to work and school. (Sigh!)
  • Start planning your next road trip. (Yay!)

Did we miss something on our “Returning Home” road trip vacation prep list? Please contact us at Driving Road Trips and let us know. Thank you!

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