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Road Trip Prep – Last Minute

Here is our official “Last Minute” prep list for road trips and vacations. Use it for extended hotel stays, holiday getaways and travel away from home. Want a printable list? Download the free “How to Prepare for a Road Trip Vacation” and get all the to do lists in printer friendly PDF format.

  • Get changed into your comfy driving clothes.
  • Listen for traffic closures and road conditions.
  • Do one last visual inspection of the car.
  • Set up the GPS on the mount in the car.
  • Do quick perimeter check around the yard.
  • Fill up water jugs and bottles.
  • Empty, clean and put away water filter.
  • Pack the main cooler around the ice packs.
  • Turn off the lights, stove, fans, heaters, etc.
  • Check all doors and windows are locked.
  • Take digital photos of your home for insurance.
  • Take out any remaining kitchen garbage.
  • Everyone goes to the bathroom one last time.
  • Set the home security system.

Did we miss something on our “Last Minute” road trip vacation prep list? Please contact us at Driving Road Trips and let us know. Thank you!

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