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Road Trip Prep – 1 Week Prior

Here is our official “1 Week Before You Go” prep list for road trips and vacations. Use it for extended hotel stays, holiday getaways and travel away from home. Want a printable list? Download the free “How to Prepare for a Road Trip Vacation” and get all the to do lists in printer friendly PDF format.

  • Do a visual inspection of car tires and engine.
  • Get the routine car maintenance done.
  • Get a fresh can of tire puncture sealant to fix flats.
  • Get any windshield chips or cracks fixed.
  • Prepare the emergency kit (Emergency Kit Checklist)
  • Prepare the first aid kit (First Aid Kit Checklist)
  • Research the attractions that you want to see.
  • Plan your final itinerary for time limited vacations.
  • Get spare home keys made.
  • Put valuables in a safety deposit box.
  • Buy automatic light timers and learn to use them.
  • Buy security locks for sliding doors and windows.
  • Enter important phone numbers into smartphone.
  • Enter medical & emergency info into smartphone.
  • Create encrypted drive or folder on computer.
  • Put all important scans, docs into encrypted drive.
  • Put regular deliveries (newspaper, grocery, etc) on hold.
  • Put utilities on hold (hydro, internet) for long trips.
  • Get a haircut and any personal stuff done.
  • Pick up any dry cleaning, tailoring, etc.
  • Check memory cards and batteries for electronics.
  • Tell a neighbor that you trust about the vacation.
  • Remind the house sitter and emergency contact.
  • Notify credit card companies of your itinerary.

Did we miss something on our “1 Week Before You Go” road trip vacation prep list? Please contact us at Driving Road Trips and let us know. Thank you!

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