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Road Trip Prep – 1-2 Days Prior

Here is our official “1-2 Days Before You Go” prep list for road trips and vacations. Use it for extended hotel stays, holiday getaways and travel away from home. Want a printable list? Download the free “How to Prepare for a Road Trip Vacation” and get all the to do lists in printer friendly PDF format.

  • Take out cash at ATM and have at least 200 on hand.
  • Check bank account balances and transfer funds.
  • Pay all monthly bills, if auto payment not used.
  • Pay utility bills in advance if leaving for a long time.
  • Clean out the car interior of non essentials.
  • Load items from the “Car Essentials List” into car.
  • Check for the spare tire, jack and essential tools.
  • Get gas and top up the window washing fluid.
  • Cut the lawn and do any yard maintenance.
  • Buy snacks and food for the day and next morning.
  • Prepare music playlists and audiobooks to listen to.
  • Charge up the smartphone and all electronics.
  • Give spare home keys to the house sitter.
  • Show house sitter how to use home security system.
  • Notify the alarm monitoring company of your itinerary.
  • Give a copy of the itinerary to the emergency contact.
  • Give copy of important documents to emergency contact.
  • Start packing by organizing stuff into piles.
  • Pack the storage clothing bag and cleaning tote.

Did we miss something on our “1-2 Days Before You Go” road trip vacation prep list? Please contact us at Driving Road Trips and let us know. Thank you!