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Prepare for a Road Trip Checklists

Use these preparation checklists for all sorts travel including road trips, extended hotel stays, weekend getaways, holidays with family, and annual vacations.

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3 Month Checklist – Things like passports, caregivers, kennels and booking time off work need a long prep window.

1 Month Checklist – Now is the time to arrange things like a house sitter, emergency contact, set a budget and plan the drive.

2-4 Week Checklist – Scan all important documents into your smartphone, get prescriptions, notify utilities and get a postal redirect.

1 Week Checklist – Do the routine car maintenance, notify the credit card companies and research the attractions you want to see. 

1-2 Day Checklist – Take out cash, pay all the outstanding bills, load the car essentials, cut the lawn and prep your playlists.

Departure Day – Turn off the hot water heater, water mains, outside AC power plugs and clean all perishable items out of the fridge.

Last Minute Stuff – Get changed into comfy clothes, fill the water bottles, pack the cooler, and take photos of your home for insurance.

While on the Road – Play at rest areas, phone the hotel if you’ll be late, keep a  journal, and always reserve hotels well in advance.

Returning Home – Quarantine those bags, turn the water and power on, restart utilities, and start planning your next road trip!

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