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This photo shows a happy dog with it’s head out the car window, while the owner drives down a country road.

Dogs and cats are welcome, but you’ll pay more.

If you want to bring your pet on a road trip, this short article has some useful tips.

Pets are always a challenge when going on vacation. If you have a small pet like a rodent, or reptile, then you’ll need someone to come into your home, or take them to a friend’s home, so they can be looked after on a daily basis.

If you have a cat or dog, then it’s relatively easy to bring them with you. You know what their daily needs are, so being on the road is similar to looking after them at home, except you’ll want a travel cage, so they don’t get under foot while driving.

A good idea is to put the pet into the cage and go for a short drive. A couple days later do a slightly longer drive. Then repeat the process a couple more times, making the drive slightly longer each time.

Your pet might think it’s going to the veterinarian, but you need to prove that not every car ride ends up there. The more it gets used to traveling in the cage and the feel of the car, the happier it will be on the trip.

When you take a break at a rest area, let the pet out of the cage to stretch its legs. Put it on a leash and walk it around. Be sure to give it water right away, not just before you go, or it might spit it back up, because of the motion in the car.

If you’re crossing the border with a pet, you have a mountain of challenges to face. You must have paperwork that proves it has all the necessary vaccinations and that it is properly registered. Be sure to check the customs website for any country you plan on visiting, so there aren’t any nasty surprises later.

When it comes to hotels, you’ll have to ask the hotel about their pet policy. Many of them do not allow pets, so it really narrows down the number of places you can stay. The hotels that do allow pets, generally charge an additional fee, which can range from $40 to $75 per night.

Of course you could always arrange a vacation for the pet too. You can send them off to a specialty pet hotel, or kennel, for the duration of your trip.

Pet hotels cost a bit for sure, but if you choose a place with good reviews and a decent reputation, your pet can have a great vacation too. It will put your mind at ease knowing that your family pet is being cared for, so you can relax and have a worry free vacation.

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