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How to Plan a Road Trip

How to decide where to go, plan for the trip, and get things ready, for a safe and happy vacation.

Deciding Where to Go – Here’s how to plan your road trip, depending on the time you have and how far you want to drive.

Doing Virtual Tours – How to use a GPS, or maps app, to scout new destinations and attractions, without leaving your home.

Navigating the Roads – A GPS is essential for road trips, but which is better, stand alone GPS unit or an app for your smartphone?

Car Maintenance – If you want to avoid a breakdown, here’s the car maintenance that must be done before you hit the road.

Preparing Your Home – Here is a list of things that need to be done around the home before you go.

Bringing Your Pet – If you want to bring your dog or cat on a road trip, then here are some great tips.

Luggage Choices – If you want to pick the perfect luggage for road tripping, here are some things to consider.

Coolers and Ice – If you want to choose the best cooler for a road trip, this short article has some expert tips.

Unblocking Credit Cards – Here’s how to prevent your credit cards from getting blocked or bricked when you travel.

Travel Insurance – Should you get additional car, or liability, insurance for a road trip? Read this!

I drove from Utah to South Carolina just because I missed the ocean. It was one of the best trips of my life thanks to Driving Road Trips. I highly recommended it, especially the lists, for a road trip in your state, or across the country. 5/5 Stars!” ~ Charles Milton

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