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Road Trip Packing List – Health & Medicine

This is the Health & Medicine packing list for road trips. It’s also useful for travel, hotel stays and vacations. Want a printable list? Download the free Vacation & Road Trip Packing List in printer friendly PDF format.

___ acne cream

___ allergy meds

___ antacid meds

___ antibacterial wipes

___ antibiotic cream

___ bandages (assorted)

___ birth control

___ bismuth (stop diarrhea)

___ cane (walking stick)

___ contact lens solution

___ contact lenses

___ diapers (adult)

___ dietary supplements

___ ear plugs

___ ergonomic back rest

___ eye drops (allergy)

___ eye drops (lubricating)

___ eye mask (sleeping)

___ eyeglasses (main sets)

___ eyeglasses (spare set)

___ facial tissue

___ feminine hygiene (pads)

___ gum (mint)

___ hand sanitizer

___ hemorrhoid cream

___ hydrocortisone cream

___ insect repellant

___ motion sickness med (Gravol)

___ pain reliever med

___ pillow (home favorite)

___ pillow cases

___ prescription medications

___ sunscreen

___ throat lozenges

___ toilet paper

___ vitamins

Did we miss something on our vacation and road trip packing list for Health & Medicine? Please contact us at Driving Road Trips and let us know. Thank you!

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