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Road Trip Packing List – Entertainment & Toys

This is the Entertainment & Toys packing list for road trips. It’s also useful for travel, hotel stays and vacations. Want a printable list? Download the free Vacation & Road Trip Packing List in printer friendly PDF format.

___ badminton set

___ balloons

___ baseball

___ baseball gloves

___ bathtub toys

___ beach ball

___ bicycle (helmet, pump, tire repair)

___ binoculars

___ blanket (kid’s favorite)

___ books (blank, drawing)

___ books (comic, picture)

___ books (reading)

___ building toy (blocks)

___ camera (for kids)

___ coloring books

___ cribbage board

___ dolls (accessories, clothes)

___ ebook reader

___ flashlight (LED, solar)

___ football

___ frisbee

___ games (travel versions)

___ guidebook (local sights)

___ inflatable water toys

___ journal (empty for writing)

___ magazines

___ pen & paper (pencil, eraser)

___ pencil crayons (wax crayons melt)

___ playing cards

___ sand bucket & shovel

___ skis (boots, poles, goggles, gloves)

___ stuffed animal

___ sun umbrella

___ swimming (goggles, snorkel, flippers, shammy)

___ tablet (games, coloring, ebooks, video)

___ tent (back yard camping)

Did we miss something on our vacation and road trip packing list for Entertainment & Toys? Please contact us at Driving Road Trips and let us know. Thank you!

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