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Road Trip Packing List – Documents & Money

This is the Documents, Money & Emergencies packing list for road trips. It’s also useful for travel, hotel stays and vacations. Want a printable list? Download the free Vacation & Road Trip Packing List in printer friendly PDF format.

Important Documents

___ address book (smartphone)

___ auto club card (AAA/CAA)

___ driver’s license (international)

___ driver’s license (regular)

___ driving directions (printed or GPS)

___ insurance card (health)

___ insurance card (travel medical)

___ insurance card (travel)

___ insurance papers (trip cancellation)

___ itinerary (travel schedule)

___ maps (local area)

___ medical card (health care)

___ medical information (conditions)

___ membership cards

___ packing list (copy)

___ passport photos (spares)

___ passports (good for 6 months)

___ phrasebook (smartphone)

___ planningroadtrips.com (packing)

___ reservation confirmations (email)

___ rewards card (hotel chains)

___ rewards card (retail, shopping)

___ student ID card

___ visa (visitor)

Money List

___ bank card (ATM)

___ calculator (phone app)

___ cash (destination currency)

___ cash (local currency)

___ coins (tolls, parking, vending machines)

___ coupons (travel, attractions, gas)

___ credit cards (two different vendors)

___ money belt

___ phone card

___ purse

___ tickets (events, ferries)

___ travelers checks

___ wallet

Scan or Photocopy (For Emergency)

___ birth certificate

___ driver license

___ eyeglass prescriptions

___ immigration documents

___ insurance (health docs)

___ insurance (travel docs)

___ insurance (travel medical docs)

___ insurance (trip cancellation docs)

___ medical prescriptions

___ passport (showing expiry date)

___ permanent resident docs

___ social security card (social insurance) 

___ vaccination certifications

___ visas (visitor status)

Contacts, Phone and eMail (For Smartphone)

___ accountant (family, business)

___ auto club (AAA / CAA)

___ bank branch (rep, manager)

___ car dealership (warranty work)

___ computer (tech support)

___ credit card companies

___ dentist (orthodontist)

___ doctor (family)

___ doctor (specialists)

___ embassy (consolate)

___ emergency contact

___ employer (manager)

___ family members

___ friends

___ hair stylist

___ home insurance

___ hotels (next destination)

___ lawyer (family, business)

___ optometrist

___ pharmacist (chemist)

___ post box (UPS Store)

___ property management company

___ resident manager (caretaker)

___ Skype names (free calling)

___ taxis (cabs, transportation)

___ travel insurance agent

Did we miss something on our vacation and road trip packing list for Documents, Money & Emergencies? Please contact us at Driving Road Trips and let us know. Thank you!

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