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Road Trip Packing List – Mobile Apps

This is the smartphone and mobile apps packing list for road trips. It’s also useful for travel, hotel stays and vacations. Want a printable list? Download the free Vacation & Road Trip Packing List in printer friendly PDF format. 

___ address book (phone numbers)

___ alarm clock

___ audio recording (voice notes)

___ auto association (guides, emergency)

___ blog (digital journal)

___ calculator

___ calendar (appointments, events, reminders)

___ camera (photo & video capture)

___ compass

___ currency (converter)

___ drawing (sketching, fun)

___ email (hotel confirmations)

___ file transfer (sharing)

___ flashlight (nightlight)

___ games (action, adventure, board)

___ GPS (Garmin, Tom Tom)

___ guides (attractions, national parks)

___ instant message (chat, texting)

___ kids (word games, animals, story books)

___ language translator

___ lists (to do, reminders, packing)

___ maps (directions, big picture)

___ measurement (conversions)

___ microblogging (tweets)

___ movie (editing, creating)

___ music (listening, creating)

___ notes (medical info, ideas)

___ photo (management, editing)

___ radio (world wide streaming)

___ reading (Kindle, ebooks, pdf, magazines)

___ real estate (check local prices)

___ rss reader (news, CNN)

___ skype (wifi communications)

___ sleeping aids (noise generators)

___ travel (Expedia, TripAdvisor)

___ video (Netflix, entertainment)

___ weather

___ world atlas

___ world clock

___ world facts

___ writing (journal)

Did we miss something on our vacation and road trip packing list for smartphone and mobile apps? Please contact us at Driving Road Trips and let us know. Thank you!

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