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Packing Lists for Road Trips

Use these packing lists for all sorts travel including road trips, weekend getaways, holidays with family, hotel stays and vacations.

Want a printable list? Tap to download the free Vacation & Road Trip Packing List. It has all the lists below in a seven page, printer friendly, PDF.

Luggage & Bags – This list includes all kit and gear to hold personal items, including purses, wallets, backpacks, daypack, coolers and more.

Clothing for the Family – This packing list has everything from flip flops, to gloves, jeans, shorts, swim suits and more.

Mobile Apps – Be sure to load all these apps onto your smartphone or mobile device before going on vacation.

Electronics & Gadgets – For a road trip you’ll need things like a GPS, camera, ebook reader, headset and sleeping machine.

Documents & Money – More than just a driver license and passport, you’ll need to scan these items and have them with you.

Food & Cooler – These are the perishable and grocery items that are essential for a healthy and happy road trip

Dining & Kitchen – If you want to do some serious hamping (hotel camping), you’ll need to bring along these eating utensils.

Laundry & Cleaning – Be sure to bring these items to sanitize the hotel room and wash clothes in the bathroom sink.

Toiletries & Personal – Everything you need for personal hygiene and to make pretty on your vacation.

Health & Medicine – In addition to bringing any meds, this list reminds you to bring antacids, contact lens solution, hand sanitizer and more.

Entertainment & Toys – Road trips can be more fun when you carry a badminton set, baseball glove, playing cards and beach ball.

Children & Babies – This packing list includes everything for kids, including things like the baby monitor, potty seat and stuffies.

Cats & Dogs – If you plan on bringing your dog or cat, be sure to bring their licenses, travel bowl, meds and even a can opener.

Car Essentials – On a road trip you’ll need some tools, blankets, pillows, plus these items to stock an emergency kit and first aid kit.

Backpacks & Daypacks – If you’re walking around exploring a new city, be sure to carry these essentials in the daypack.

Did we miss something on our vacation and road trip packing lists? Please contact us at Driving Road Trips and let us know. Thank you!