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Vacation Packing List

Printable prep & packing lists for vacations, travel, road trips, and extended stays away from home.

All our vacation preparation and packing lists are free to download. They are in PDF format. They are printable. Use them for all sorts travel, from weekend getaways, to two week road trips, to six month long working vacations.

If you find our packing lists useful, please share them with your friends. You can host them, post them, and give them away free, so long as they remain intact. Thank you!

When planning my family road trip I got 4 days into packing and decided I had no idea what I was doing. This website, especially the packing and prep list provided a fresh start and a great trip. 5/5 Stars!” ~ Alex Black

Master Prep & Packing Lists

Vacation Packing List – This printable packing list includes all the “Individual Packing Lists” below, in one giant six page list. You won’t need to pack everything on this list. We just didn’t want you forget anything!

Vacation Preparation List – This is a printable list of everything that needs to be done before you travel. It covers everything from short weekend road trips to extended vacations.

Individual Vacation Packing Lists

Use these smaller packing lists if your vacation is two weeks or less. If going away for a month or more, you’ll need to download the Master Packing List instead. Click or tap to download any of these free printable Packing Lists in PDF format.

Luggage & Bags Packing List – This guide includes all kit and gear to hold personal items, including purses, wallets, backpacks, daypack, coolers and more.

Casual Clothing Packing List – This packing list has everything from flip flops, to dresses, gloves, jeans, shorts, swim suits and more. We have you covered.

Food & Cooler Packing List – These are the perishable and staple grocery items. We’ve listed all the fruits, veggies, jerky, salty snacks, beverages and more for a healthy, happy road trip.

Personal Care Packing List – You’re not going to forget your toothbrush or anything to do with toiletries, laundry and cleaning. We even include hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to sterilize the hotel rooms.

Health & Medicine Packing List – In addition to bringing any meds, this list reminds you to bring antacids, contact lens solution, insect repellant, face masks and more.

Outdoor Play & Toys Packing List – In addition to the usual badminton set, this list reminds you to bring crayons, baseball gloves, comic books, pool toys and more. Pickleball anyone?

Electronics & Gadgets Packing List – For a road trip you’ll need things like a GPS, tablet, headphones, wifi booster, sleeping machine, A/C chargers and more.

Car Accessories Packing List – You’ll need an emergency kit, first aid kit, spare tire, puncture sealant, USB charger, travel cups, and a collapsible waterproof trash can.

Apps Packing List – Be sure to load all these apps onto your smartphone or tablet before going on vacation. They’re going to come in handy.

Emergency & Contact Packing List – This lists all the important documents that should be on your phone. Plus we remind you to add all the important contacts like auto association, pharmacist, insurance agents, travel agent and more.

Documents & Money Packing List – More than just a driver license and passport, you’ll need to take photos of these items, or bring digital copies with you.

Babies & Infants Packing List – This guide makes sure you bring everything from diapers, to baby monitor, potty seat and stuffies.

First Aid Kit Packing List – Every car should have one. It’s better to be prepared. This list covers everything a first aid kit should have, right down to the instruction manual.

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