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Long Term Stay Hotels for Road Trips

This photo shows an old pocket watch, half buried in sand, on an ocean shoreline, as a metaphor for a long term stay hotel.

Long term hotels make excellent bases.

If you plan to stay at a hotel longer than a week, consider these tips about long term stay hotels.

If you’re on a long road trip of one to six months, you might find a town that you really like. In that case, it’s usually cheaper to get out of the regular hotels and into a long term stay. 

These long stay units are furnished like hotels, but they’re usually much bigger one bedroom suites. Most have full kitchens, equipped with all the utensils. Some have a washer and dryer in the unit. Some chain hotels offer a daily breakfast buffet and fresh coffee all day long. So shop around, because perks like that really add up.

Some hotel chains offer both high and low end extended stays. The IHG Hotels Group that I mentioned earlier, has both Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites available in many cities. Best Western has the Executive Residency. Both offer points on the same rewards card as the regular hotel chain.

If you can’t find a preferred hotel chain where you’ll be staying, you’ll need to book an independent long term stay. These can be fine, if they are run by a reputable company with plenty of good reviews online.

One time I rented a suite in Calgary Canada, from a couple that had bought a dozen condos and were renting them out by the month. They had good reviews online and an excellent standing in the BBB (Better Business Bureau). So I decided to stay with them and was pleasantly surprised.

The biggest confidence builder is that they take credit cards online. By having a secure website and online booking using a credit card processor, it helps show that they are a legitimate business. Plus, if anything goes wrong, your credit card company will back you up.

Never, and I repeat never, use cash, or wire transfer money, or send checks to reserve a room. Any scam can do that. To be safe, go to websites like TripAdvisor and look for Specialty Lodging in the city where you want to stay. Then read the reviews and book your long term stay based on what you find out.

All that said, I prefer long term stays in chain hotels and racking up points on my rewards card. Besides, it’s hard to beat a high quality breakfast buffet, with plenty of cut fruit, eggs, yogurt, and freshly baked goods, that the Staybridge Suites and Executive Residency offer.

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