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Confirming Reservations

This photo shows two smiling women in uniform at a hotel front desk, assisting guests over the phone.

Get the room you want with just a phone call.

After booking your hotel, here’s how to get the quietest room and ask for perks.

Most hotel chains these days use mobile apps, or private membership sites for booking. Once you sign up for membership you get rewards and can book hotels with ease. They let you make special requests, send them notes and adjust your arrival time.

If you use a third party travel website for online booking, you might want to call the toll free 800 number for the hotel and confirm your reservation. Even if you already received confirmation by email. That way there’s no doubt about your arrival, if they can see your name in their reservation system.

You want to be sure, that you’re going to get, what you thought you booked. For example, if the listing said there’s a bar fridge and microwave in the room, confirm your understanding. If there is no bar fridge, housekeeping can usually deliver one, so its in the room and cold by the time you arrive.

I always try to find out how many floors are in the building. I want to stay on the top floor if possible. That way I get the best possible view and the least noise from people upstairs. Plus, if you get a room overlooking the parking lot, you can keep an eye on your car too.

Ask for a room that’s away from the elevator, because people often gather in that area. There will be loud talking and the ding of the call buttons. And don’t forget the noise of the elevator itself, which depending on its age, could sound like a freight train going past your bed, and your head, 200 times a day.

Another trick at this time, is to make any special requests prior to your arrival. For example, I ask for a tea kettle, if possible. I use it to make coffee in the morning with a French Press, instead of the coffee maker in the room. It can also be used to make tea, instant noodles and everything else hot water can do.

(Kudos to Best Western in Danville! Not only did they have a kettle waiting for us in the room, they also supplied a small plate of cinnamon buns and a variety of tea sampler packs. Outstanding friendly staff as well!)

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