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Recording the Trip

This photo shows a woman taking a photo of a beautiful lake scene with a digital SLR camera.

Share the cherished memories and back up your data.

Record your vacation memories so you can enjoy them later.

There’s an old saying, that if life is worth living, it’s worth recording. I have to agree whole heartedly, especially with road trips. You never know what you’re going to see as you cruise down the backroads of America.

I have to make a full disclosure here. I really suck at taking pictures. I’m more of a video person. My wife on the other hand is great at taking photos.

Right now I use a Sony video camera. In addition to taking 4K video, it can take amazing still photos as well. It’s small enough to be discrete and it has a built in GPS so I know exactly where the photo, or video was taken.

I also use the camera, that’s built into my smart phone. It’s great for quick shots, because you never know when something will catch your eye and be gone.

Such was the case with a deer running down the road beside our car. We were going at least 32 kph (20 mph) down a gravel road when I suddenly caught a shadow out the corner of my eye. It was a huge male deer running beside us.

There was barbed wire on either side of the road, so I slowed down a bit. Suddenly the deer darted in front of the car, headed toward some trees on the left. In one quick leap, it cleared a metre (four foot) high fence and disappeared into the woods.

I must have sat there with my mouth open and stunned for the next few minutes. Dang, if I only had a video camera at the time I would have caught it.

Now thanks to the cameras in most smart phones, you don’t have to miss once in a lifetime moments like that. That’s because smart phone cameras are always on and don’t require any warm up time. If you get yourself into a habit of “photo first” you’ll always be ready to shoot anything interesting, beautiful or amazing, the moment you see it.

My wife, being a way better photographer than me, likes to use what I call a “big nose” camera. It’s a Canon digital SLR with interchangeable lenses. It takes great photos, thanks to my wife’s composition skills, but she usually leaves it in one of the auto modes, letting the smart camera take the work out of the lighting and shutter details.

Another way to record the trip is with a journal, or blog of the events. My wife likes to upload all sorts of stuff to her chat app and share with her friends. Usually it’s mostly photos, because she doesn’t like to write.

As a writer, I prefer to record the events on the computer. I use a journal app on my laptop, to write about anything eventful that we saw or did during the day.

I transfer the recordings from our cameras to the computer and a USB memory stick, at the end of each day. That way I have a main copy and a backup of the photos. Plus it leaves the camera memory freed up for the next day’s adventure.

If you’re going to do a road trip, even if its just a few days, be sure to take plenty of photos. When you’re old and gray, the photos will bring plenty of cherished memories back to mind. You’ll also have some very interesting stories to tell, like my one about the deer racing beside our car. If you have it recorded, they’ll not only see it, but believe it too.

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