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Healthy Road Trip Lunches

This photo shows a young couple in a forested rest stop, eating healthy food on their road trip.

Pack your lunch and avoid the greasy take out foods.

If you want to avoid fast food and gaining weight on your road trip, try these tips.

When driving along you’ll see one fast food joint after another whiz by. If you didn’t pack a lunch, you might be tempted hit a drive through, and snarf down a bucket of greasy franchise chicken at the next rest stop. But try and do your best, to delay the gratification until later.

Junk food and fast food make you feel heavy in your own body. Just one hamburger can have three times the saturated fat that you should consume in a day. Plus it has over 1/2 the day’s calories too.

The last thing you want, is to blame your road trip for gaining weight. You want the vacation to leave positive memories, not extra body fat.

As I mentioned in the Hotel Camping section, there are plenty of healthy choices available from the supermarkets these days. You don’t need to change your diet.

If you buy food and bring it with you in coolers, you’ll eat healthier and feel better because of it. You can grab all sorts of ready made salads, veggies, cut fruit and organic drinks, to keep you happy and healthy.

I’m not saying you can’t indulge once in a while, but instead of fast food, go to a sit down cafe and experience the real deal instead. Don’t settle for slopped together, greasy, salty, fast food gunk.

Go sit down in a local diner instead. Order a couple of pieces of real home made fried chicken. That way you get to experience the location, the people, the home cooking, and take your time to enjoy it. And isn’t that what a road trip is all about? 

A road trip isn’t about trying to get to your destination fast, to eat fast, see it all fast and get back home, as fast as you can. A road trip is about enjoying the process. Taking in new locations, people and ideas. To experience everything that the new towns and the road between them have to offer.

So take it slow. Enjoy the ride and everything else along the way. You might not drive as far, but you’ll enjoy your vacation a lot more.

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