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Road Trip Driving Tips

How to road trip with kids, pack healthy lunches, save money on gas, avoid tolls, record the trip, and be happy while you drive.

When to Drive – Here are the best and worst times to be on the road, according to the experts.

Road Trips with Children – If you want happy kids on a road trip, this short article has some excellent tips.

Healthy Road Trip Lunches – To avoid fast food and gaining weight on your road trip, follow this advice.

Saving Money on Gas – If you want to save money on gas next road trip, these few things can make a big difference.

Beware of Tolls – Toll booths are everywhere. Here’s how to find out where they are and avoid the hassles.

Recording the Trip – Here’s how you can record vacation memories and enjoy them for life.

Driving Happy – If you want to keep everyone happy on the road trip, here are some ideas to try.

This is an excellet resource for planning a road trip. The author has done a great job. It made my family confident about driving across America. 5/5 Stars!” ~ Nick Mandelson

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