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My family loves to go on road trips. It’s our favorite vacation. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

A couple of times a year, we hop in the car, head to a new city and go exploring. Recently we drove to Calgary Alberta and stayed three weeks. We had a blast exploring everything that fine city had to offer.

Every once in a while we go on a long trip. I mean really long, like six months. We drove all the way across Canada from Vancouver to Montreal. Then headed across the border to South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, California and up the West coast to Oregon, Washington and back to British Columbia.

We knew that we wanted to see the Rocky Mountains, Montezuma Castle, Old Faithful, Berringer Meteor Crater, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and many others. But we didn’t have a set itinerary. If we liked a city, we stayed for a few days. If not, we headed to the next one, always looking for fun and adventure.

You never know what you’ll discover, when you get out there and explore. We stumbled upon a rare cicada hatch. The locals said it only happens every 17 years. We saw the USA Air Force doing maneuvers in Oklahoma. The hot air balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. Plus hundreds of amazing places like ghost towns, museums, gardens and theme parks.

We’re just an average family, but we’ve been on dozens of road trips. We hope that this information, won through experience, helps you on your journeys, so you can have safe and happy vacations.


Amy & Michael

The Driving Road Trips Family

I love to get on the road and travel. Even though I’m an old hand at hamping (hotel camping), I still learned a lot. What works and what doesn’t, it’s all here. Not only what to get, but what to avoid. Driving Road Trips has everything you need for your next road adventure. 5/5 Stars!” ~ Sheila Meston

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