A Road Trip is the Best Vacation Ever!

This is a comical illustration of a car, luggage piled high on top of it, ready for a road trip.

Honey… have you seen the car keys?

Why road trip? In two words… easy freedom. No other vacation type is as hassle free and worry free as a road trip.

You can take your own car. Make your own rules. Go at your own pace. Decide what to see. Stay where you want. And choose when to drive. That’s why a road trip is the best vacation ever!

Just so you know, this isn’t a typical “guide” with lists of roadside attractions, because there’s already thousands of books, apps and websites like that. This is completely different from any other road trip planner.

This guide is about “planning” for the trip and “how to” road trip. If you follow our expert advice, wherever you go, you’ll have a safe and happy vacation.

Excellent road trip advice, together with exhaustive planning and to-do lists, have enabled us to get ready, and feel confident that we haven’t missed anything important. 5/5 Stars!” ~ Michael K. Thompson

Some of the key areas we cover are:

  • Preparing your car and home
  • When to drive and how to love it
  • How to save both gas and money
  • Booking quality hotels and motels
  • Sanitizing a room, making it safe

Plus we cover critical things like:

  • Choosing the right luggage and coolers
  • Driving through customs and borders
  • Doing virtual tours before you arrive
  • Inspecting the room and getting upgrades
  • What to pack for each kind of road trip

Plus there are sections on:

  • Traveling with spouses, kids and pets
  • How to keep everyone happy during the trip
  • Protecting your health in new environments
  • Travel, accident and health insurance
  • Sleeping well, even if you’re a light sleeper

For long journeys we’ve covered:

  • Choosing a long term stay hotel
  • Automating payments, banking and bills
  • How to get work done while on the road
  • Running a business with digital documents

A great guide with lots of tips and useful information on how to plan a road trip. Even though I’ve done a fair amount of traveling, I found a lot of useful information that I did not know. 5/5 Stars!” ~ Jesse Whitehead

So Where Would You Like to Go on a Road Trip?

You could take in the BBQ festivals that you saw on TV. Perhaps explore old Route 66 and nostalgic America. Or sip along the Napa Valley on a winery tour.

Maybe there’s a monument or two that you want to see. To experience what it’s like at the foot of Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, Montezuma Castle, or the Lincoln Memorial.

Maybe it’s a natural wonder that calls you. Something you’ve always wanted to see, like Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park, the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the Berringer Meteor Crater, or the Grand Canyon in all its glory.

You could go hunting for kitschy landmarks, looking for the world’s largest everything. You could explore the remains of old gold rush towns. Or if you work online like I do, you can go exploring in the off-season and stay as long as you want in one town, before moving on to the next.

So you might be headed out for the weekend, or for the annual two week vacation, or a six month journey. No matter what length of trip you take, this planning guide, written from personal experience and dozens of road trips, will help you have a safe, happy and healthy vacation.

From A-Z exactly what I needed. Hats off to the author, you can tell he really thought of everything. We are leaving in 2 days and I feel totally prepared. 5/5 Stars!” ~ Jasmin Yates

Have a safe and happy road trip!

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